Another Water : making and installation

another water
告知ポスター poster (designed by Akihiko Inoue)

another water
Carrying polluted water from the well in a house to the Ice-making factory.

another water
製氷工場 Ice-making factory

another water
製氷工場  Ice-making factory

another water
製氷工場から運び出す。 Carring out ten ice pillars from the factory.

another water
Installing each of them beside old landmarks in the Hirano town.

another water

Another Water―めぐるもの―



Another Water :
What comes around

27 JUL. 1997
Art Exhibition “Modern de HIRANO”
Old Hirano Area, Hirano-Ku, Osaka

10 pillars of freezed polluted groundwater (total 1.5ton), etc.

According to the rapid urbanization, underground water has been polluted, and the well has lost its fonction.
In order to make visible the invisible situation in the underground of the city of Hirano, I pumped up the polluted water of 1500kg from a well in an old house, and freezed it.
Ten ice pillars was installed one by one beside the old guidepost on the street.
One day after, they dissolved down and went back into the underground, leaving the contaminants on the ground.

arrow_right 設置と溶解 installation and dissolution

arrow_right 作品報告 report of the project